Standard Injection Molding Machines

The Advantages Of Conventional Standard Injection Molding Machine

Makers of standard injection molding machines often have two options. They can pick standard machines or custom, high-performance ones. Standard machinery can meet most producers' needs. But, some applications (like micro-manufacturing) need specific configurations.

Consider going this route if you can make parts on a normal machine. Avoid high-performance or specialist equipment.

Standard Injection molding machine: Lower Initial Cost and More Economical at the Time of Purchase

standard injection molding machines

It is a high-performance "injection molding machine." It is specialized and needs much research and development. It also needs specially made components. It is built to order and comes with a hefty price tag. Conversely, standard machines that are manufactured in bulk can be manufactured more effectively. They spread their development expense across many units. Their standard components are for sale in large quantities at low prices. Lowering the cost of new machinery helps each factor. It benefits the manufacturer.

Standard Machines: Long-Term Cost Savings and Easier Maintenance

For several reasons, standard machines are simpler to support. In short, common parts and repair methods make diagnosis and maintenance faster. Standard machines are more common in business. Service professionals have more experience with them. This makes repairs fast and easy in most cases. Highly customized machines have distinct configurations. They need more specialized personnel. This usually leads to higher cost and longer service response.

More standard machines have been installed. This lets us include service experience in making new products. Over time, this results in greater improvements and better products. A traditional "injection molding machine manufacturer" is the best choice for producers. They worry about parts, servicing, and unexpected downtime.

Standard Machines: Better Value Preservation for Production and Resale

"Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer" run expert Machinery shops, one of the biggest purchasers, brokers, and sellers of used injection molding equipment, in addition to Absolute Solution to the machinery. Experts have collected a database of thousands of injection molding machinery values. They did this over more than 20 years of selling, auctioning, and appraising used machines.

This, along with the Plastics Industry Association's sales data for new machines, gives us a clear view. It shows us the kinds of machines that hold their value. The statistics show that the value of custom molding machines drops a lot each year. They drop way more than standard machines. This is because few people want custom machines. And, they are hard to sell in the used machinery market. After all, they are frequently not suitable for a wide range of applications.

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