In the exciting world of injection molding, we mix creativity with exactness. As a top maker of Injection Molding Machines, we're all about helping companies, big or small, make their ideas real. Thanks to our great mold pros. They turn any project into something that's not just cool, but also really fun to work on!

Injection Molding Procedure in Detail

Injection molding melts plastic pellets. Our skilled engineers inject them into a mold to make the required shape. The process is famous because it can make many products at once. The products are very flexible in design. They are cheap to make at large scale and work with many materials.

Injection Molding Machines
Injection Molding Machines

Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Our services can be customized to meet your molding and production needs. All thanks to our experience and full flexibility.

Sumitek Natraj is a well-known company among all the Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer. We're really happy to make the plastic parts you need. We can fit into any budget and still keep our services top-notch!

We always check our work carefully. Every mold we make gets tested to make sure it's just right for what you need.

Go ahead and give us any tough job or design. We're ready for it. No matter if it's a small or big order, we can do it. Our talented team can make and tweak your plastic parts to help you cut costs.

Our Fabulous Injection Molding Manufacturing Service


When we are talking about injection molding services, what comes to your mind? Just plastic injection molds? Yes, we are injection mold manufacturers, but our services just don't end there!


You can inject materials like thermoplastics, thermosets, and elastomers into molds. This makes it a versatile way to make things. You can choose from a full range of services. You can also get premium plastic injection molded products from us.


As great Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer, we can offer the services required. We aim to achieve the business goals.


Our services cater to a wide range of industries. These industries include healthcare, packaging, and consumer goods. We also serve the cosmetics industry, among many others.

Amazing Team Of Mold Designers - Make Your Imaginations Come True!

Our experts can create molds just the way you want them. We're known for making great molds for things people use every day.

Our team knows a lot about creating molds and prototypes using the best materials out there. Our talented engineers love taking on all sorts of projects. It really gets their creativity going! They're super honest in their work and won't give you the final product until they've tested it and made sure it's all good.

You Get Nothing Less Than Extraordinary Quality Here

Here, we work as per the needs of our dear customers only. People like you state your needs and budget which makes our team think hard and work harder to meet all your needs in the most successful way!

We've been doing this for over decades. Our engineers have really become fantastic at handling even the toughest projects. Our love for challenges makes us manufacture the best Injection Molding Machines.

We have a large, well-equipped company, so we can make things just the way you want. We've had lots of happy customers, and each project makes us better at our design jobs. We really want to make you happy, so that you keep coming back to us for all your future endeavors.

We Don’t Only Sell Machines

In addition to providing high-quality injection molding machines, we offer so much more. This is a list of a full range of extra services to help you succeed.

Are You Ready for the Future

We've worked with many different industries worldwide till now. We test every mold injection machine we build to make sure it is of the best quality before delivery. And don’t think all this is involved, so you have to pay a fortune to avail our services.

We can fit our services in your budget easily. So, come to us with anything you have in mind and we will make that into a model for you!

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